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Wrong Dog Food Preservation Method

Qingdao Tiandihui Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 15, 2017

  Wrong dog food preservation method

  Everyone in the preservation of the dog's rations, often with the wrong way, so that dog food susceptible to deterioration, nutrient loss, unfavorable dog's healthy growth. Here are a few common ways to save the error to see if you have made the following mistakes, if so, quickly get rid of it.

  1, after feeding is not tight pocket.

  The same time as

  This will make grain particles and oxygen in the air contact, the grain surface of the oil is oxidized, the food will become hard, and sometimes put a long time the food will be so, pets do not eat. Many food surface with a layer of grease, feels like oil, in fact, this layer of fat is rich in cat and dog fur more shiny fatty acids, their beautiful health is very important.

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  2, the particles into the sealed cans, the bag lost.

  The same time as

  This practice looks very intimate, in fact, a bit self-defeating. Because the particles in the sealed tank with a little use, the jars of the air more and more, the speed of food is oxidized faster and faster, virtually nutritional value, Dog Food deliciousness are accelerated decline.

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  3, for a kitten or a small dog to buy a large bag of food.

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  Sacks of food in general storage time is longer, especially in the summer humid and high temperature environment, the nutritional loss and deterioration rate will be accelerated, which enhance the skin barrier function of B vitamins and group of amino acids to prevent inflammation of the omega-3 fatty acids, Dog Food so that fur Shiny Ω-6, enhance the ability of the various cognitive antioxidants every day in the rapid loss of good food so wasted, or buy a small package for easy storage.

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  4, after the purchase of bulk pet food.

  The same time as

  First of all, this kind of food is usually stored in the environment is very bad, the host did not see the place, the future of their own dog bowl of food, perhaps a small strong climb into the past, the mouse steal, unscrupulous traders mixed over Of the things, there are a lot of clean hands did not turn inside to turn over. Second, Dog Food such a food is often difficult to guarantee quality, manufacturers will never allow their own products to sell this. Without the protection of packaging, the probability of mass grain in bulk is very high.